Basic Facts about Westwood Boulevard

Los Angeles boasts some of the best restaurants and many of them can be found on Westwood Boulevard that crosses the center of Westwood Village, known for its diverse shopping scene, and runs further south in West Los Angeles.

Beginning south of Sunset Boulevard Westwood Blvd features Westwood Plaza in the campus of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). One of two major thoroughfares in the Village, it crosses Wilshire Boulevard to create one of the busiest intersections in Los Angeles that includes seven through lanes and four left turn lanes. A lot of large office buildings in Westwood are located along Westwood Blvd.

Then Westwood Blvd runs South of Wilshire as a four lane boulevard, with many small businesses, and Persian restaurants in particular. The end of Westwood Blvd is south of National Boulevard in the Palms neighborhood of Los Angeles, as it turns into National Place to become National Boulevard at the intersection with Overland Avenue. Here there are no public buildings or large offices and Westwood Blvd continues as a primarily residential street.

Notable landmarks of Westwood Blvd include Holmby Hall, Janss Dome, Ralphs Grocery Store building (Bratskeller - Egyptian Theater), Crest Theatre, Hammer Museum, Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center and Westside Pavilion.